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Caribe Sur

Cultural Tour Indigenous Community Watsi (Visit to the Shaman)

$55.00 5 Hrs
Departing from your hotel, our destination will be the community of Watsi in the Bribri Indigenous Reserve. We will share with families from the Bribri...
delfines puerto viejo
Caribe Sur

Dolphin watching and visit Punta Mona

$65.00 3hrs
We will travel by boat the incredible views of the coastal rainforest of El Refugio. The tour begins in the town of Manzanillo, where we...
Caribe Sur

Birdwatching in Keköldi

$55.00 3 Hrs
The Kekoldi indigenous reserve is a site of global importance for the counting, monitoring and observation of migrations, due to the strategic location every year...
Gandoca Tourism
Caribe Sur

Walk in the Primary Forest – La Cativera Gandoca

$50.00 4Hrs
The Cativera! A unique remnant, located in the center of the Gandoca Manzanillo JMS Refuge, consisting mainly of large cativo trees. It is an area...
Caribe Sur

Night Hike

$55.00 3 Hrs
Darkening we will start the walk, going into the tropical forest, which joins the mountainous area of ​​the Kekoldi reserve with the coastal area in...
Caribe Sur

Hike and Snorkel in Cahuita

$65.00 6 Hrs
Cahuita Park, is one of the Caribbean destinations most desired by visitors, this area protects many species of animals among which can be seen; Monkeys,...
Mangroves Gandoca
Caribe Sur


$50.00 3 Hrs
Wetland that earned him the incorporation to the list of Wetlands of International Importance of RAMSAR. There will be a short walk until we reach...
Caribe Sur

Gandoca Wildlife Refuge

$170.00 2 Days
Gandoca-Manzanillo is a protected area that houses an infinity of species and a biodiversity that serves as habitat for thousands of species among which stand...
kayaking caribbean
Caribe Sur

Kayaking in Manzanillo

$50.00 2 Hrs
The Gandoca-Manzanillo JMS Refuge has an incredible biodiversity, with abundant wildlife, forests, marshes, lagoons, mangroves, possessor of a rich and varied marine fauna, this protected...
Caribe Sur

Wild Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo JMS (1 day tour)

$115.00 9 Hrs
During the day we will visit remote areas, starting with a walk through the forests of Manzanillo, then we will take a boat that will...
Bird watching in Gandoca
Caribe Sur

Bird watching in Gandoca

$55.00 3 Hrs
There is no better way to start the day enjoying a surprising sunrise in the tropical forest, we know this is not going to regret,...
Caribe Sur

Hike in the Cahuita National Park

$55.00 4 Hrs
Cahuita has been an important strategic enclave, Afro-Caribbean families built their first camps, dedicated themselves to the production of coconut, subsistence agriculture, hunting and fishing,...



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At Gandoca Tours we offer you tour packages throughout Costa Rica, organized under the strictest supervision, coordinating local guides, accommodations, meals, transportation and everything you need so that you and your family can simply enjoy your trip and get to know Costa Rica in all its splendor.

Bocas del Toro, Caribe Sur, Tortuguero

Multi Days Package

From $388.33 7 Days
Multi-day package includes; The Tortuguero National Park, Puerto Viejo and Bocas del Toro.   [table id=12 /]   IMPORTANT If your package does not include...

Tortuguero National Park 4 Days 3 Nights

From $245.75
VISIT THE TORTUGUERO NATIONAL PARK Considered as one of the parks with the best state of conservation, protecting more than 22 miles of beach strip...
Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro 4 days 3 nights

From $225.50 3 días
VISIT THE ARCHIPELAGO OF BOCAS DEL TORO Bocas del Toro is a paradisiacal archipelago located on the Caribbean coast of Panama and close to the...

Tortuguero National Park 3 Days 2 Nights

From $165.00
VISIT THE TORTUGUERO NATIONAL PARK Considered as one of the parks with the best state of conservation, protecting more than 22 miles of beach strip...

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International Fair of the Sea

DATE: first and second week of the month of September. location: Bocas del Toro archipelago in the northern Caribbean of Panama. The International Sea Fair of Bocas del Toro is held annually, during the month of September, the driest month of the year, to take advantage of an almost perfect climate, with very little rain…

Carnivals (Celebration of 12 Ooctubre Day of the Meeting of Cultures)

CITY OF LIMON The Carnival of Limón, which is celebrated in the port city of Limón, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, is an excellent unique opportunity for the visitors of the country to experience the unique culture of the community. Feel and Live the Local Culture A visit to Costa Rica during Carnival Limón…

Day of the Afro-descendant culture

DATE: August 31 (activities may vary by region) Location: City of Limón and in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. History The celebration of Black and Afro-Costa Rican Culture Day took place more than a decade ago at the initiative of the Black Ethnic Cultural Civic Committee. The Black Ethnic Cultural Civic Committee was born in 1999…