The Carnival of Limón, which is celebrated in the port city of Limón, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, is an excellent unique opportunity for the visitors of the country to experience the unique culture of the community.

Feel and Live the Local Culture

A visit to Costa Rica during Carnival Limón is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Throughout the week, many of the region’s typical dishes are served, including the “Rice and Beans,” a popular dish consisting of beans and rice cooked with coconut oil and Caribbean spices. Tourists can buy this delicious food in a variety of improvised dining rooms, while you can visit the exhibitions of local artists who see this festival as an opportunity to show their work

Culture’s Day

October 12. The first day of the Carnival of Limón is known as the Day of Cultures, which typically includes singing, dancing and Calipso, an Afro-Caribbean music that originally came from Trinidad and Tobago. This day recognizes and honors the different ethnic groups that live in the area, including Spanish, African, Chinese, Italian and indigenous populations. Most of the 90,000 people that make up the community of Limón are of Afro-Caribbean origin.

This celebration honors the day of discovery, when Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Limón in 1502 during his exploration of the new world, as well as all the immigrants who arrived later from all over the world. As such, the Carnival of Limón is an international celebration that celebrates diversity in Costa Rica and in all its towns.

Parades for Children

Another interesting aspect of the Carnival of Limón is the children’s parade, which has exponents with gigantic craft masks. Throughout the parade, the various participants entertain the audience through games that determine who wears what mask. The Queen of Carnival, as an important part of similar celebrations around the world, is crowned on the first day of the festivities.

Travelers wishing to visit Costa Rica, during the exciting celebration of Carnival in Limón, should make sure to book their flights and hotels as soon as possible, as this event is very popular for visitors from all over the world.

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