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Puerto Viejo 3 days 2 nights





Old Harbour is a coast location located at the canton of Talamanca, Limon province, to the southeast of Costa Rica. The village was originally known as “Old harbour”, until that the Costa Rican government instituted the Spanish language as the new local language and changed the names of the villages and places in the area from English to Spanish. Fields became Bribri, the Bluff became Cahuita, and the English-speaking Afro-Caribbean culture was actively dismantled. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a popular tourist destination.

Is known in the surf community for having the biggest and most powerful wave in Costa Rica, called “Salsa Brava”. Also is a site of beautiful beaches, like Playa Chiquita, Playa Negra y Punta Uva, are some of beaches most popular of Costa Rica, they are located between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.

Many tourists stop in Puerto Viejo in its route to the frontier with Panama at Sixaola. This frontier is popular among the people who come or go from Bocas del Toro. Puerto Viejo offers the lodging, bar, restaurants and endless of options of activities for do during the day or night or travel easily to other near destinies.

The habitants of the village are mostly Costa Ricans with a substantial population of Jamaican descent, as well as a good number of Europeans who have migrated to the region. The surroundings of the city and the mountains of the region are the home of the indigenous bribri.



For coordinate your arrival smoothly you should confirm the method of arrival and place of origin or we can advise you for the better route.

Also consider that we are in a tropical área with great possibilities of rain throughtout the year, therefore take the necessary precautions

If you need to include transportation from anywhere in Costa Rica, we can quote it, if you travel by car these places have private parks where you can leave the car, when you arrive at the town the guide or manager will guide you and coordinate with you the schedule of the activities.

For peak seasons organice your reservation in advance. Also consult a special discount in low season.

Also remember that you can travel by plane to the nearest airport which is located in the city of Limón (let us know if you use that option, we can arrange your pick-up at an additional cost).

Pura Vida Hotel$347$375$589
Puerto Viejo Natural Hotel$370$505$711
Umami Hotel$455$756$988

Pura Vida Hotel

Puerto Viejo Natural Hotel

Umami Hotel












Subject to hotel availability.



  • 2 Nights at the chosen hotel
  • Hoteliers taxes
  • 1 Tour to choose (Indigenous community or Snorkel at the Cahuita park, “Snorkel depends of the weather”)
  • Transport included to the tour


  • Complete feeding
  • Transfer from the airport


  • Swimming clothes
  • sunscreen


Depending on your origin, the arrival time may vary, we can advise you on how to travel to the South Caribbean, we can also book you a private shared transport from anywhere of Costa Rica or contact a car rent of the area for you.

1st Day – arrival at the hotel chosen

2nd Day – At 8:30 am, transportation will pick you up at your hotel and take to your chosen activity wherre you will spend the rest of the day, returning around noon. (If you want to make the most of your stay in the area, you can book one of our other activities).

3rd Day – Scheduled departure generally at 11:00 am are departure in hotels

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