I am Neftalí Velasquez Vega, born and raised in the National Wildlife Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo JMS and owner of Gandoca Tours a company dedicated to sustainable tourism in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Gandoca Tours was born in the community of Gandoca, of my concern to generate an economic alternative for the community, protect the environment and the natural wealth that we have today and which faces continuously threatened by “development” and unemployment.



In addition to Gandoca we conduct guided activities to national parks and forest reserves with a principle of total respect for nature and culture.

Our mission is to work exclusively with local collaborators, as we greatly value the local human resource and the multiculturalism that identifies us.

Procure the least possible impact to the natural resources where we carry out the activities with the firm conviction that this must be preserved for future generations.

Promote voluntary service in our communities and protected areas, as a way to support the efforts of local community organizations in favor of the protection and conservation of the native nature and culture.

Generate real economic alternatives for local populations