Nighttime Sea Turtle Watching


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4 Hrs
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Nighttime Sea Turtle Watching


The nesting of sea turtles is one of the most impressive spectacles of nature. Playa Gandoca in the Gandoca Manzanillo refuge, is a very important site for the nesting of some species among them; Carey (Eretmochelys imbricata), Green (Chelonia mydas) and Baula (Dermochelys coriacea) which is characterized as the largest sea turtle in the world and in danger of extinction). After the meeting with our guide or we will go to our center of operations located just 75 meters from Gandoca beach, where they will receive an informative talk and we will prepare to go to the beach, then we will wait at the beach until they tell us (the park ranger) the place and location where some turtle is coming from, or we will walk for short trips on the beach to locate them, for the entire trip our guide will give details and information of the turtles, these incredible reptiles visit the beaches of Gandoca in the months of February to July, the odds are good but not It is totally safe to see them, the beach is quite long and it is not always in the schedule that we are patrolling. (Remember that it is not possible to use a camera)


General rate: $ 65 x pax + 13 % tax

Duration: 4 hours

Departure: 19: 00

Children from 6 -12 years, only pay 50%

Minimum: 2 people

Includes: Specialized guide, Specialized talk, snack and insurance.

What to bring: Organic repellent, lamp with red light, Closed shoes, poncho or cape.

Departure location: Gandoca Tours operation center at Playa Gandoca Beach.

If you book with transport included, we will pick you up at your hotel (it has an additional cost).

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