Location: Amubri, Talamanca.
Date: Last week of September (3 days)


The festival Ák Kuè or Jala de la Piedra is an ancestral celebration of the Bribri and Cabecar people, the main act is to pull a stone for a distance of a few meters, a crowd of men and women join to pull a stone that has been chosen by an AWA (important spiritual leader of the Bribri people) and taken to the home of a family that will use it to grind corn, cocoa, seeds, grains, etc.

In the festival there are other important events for the Bribri spirituality, the singing in the native language is one of them, the ancestral dances very connected with nature and the roots bribris, suita leaf tissue that is used for the roof of traditional dwellings, competition to grind corn, cocoa, chop wood, the festival also shows the culinary part of the bribris also exhibition of craftsmanship.


For more information on how to participate in this Festival, write us and we will contact you shortly.